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Posts: 7
I am building an A320 overhead panel based on the Mobiflight system , and seem to have encountered a small problem that I can't solve.
On the Air Cond panel, the pack 1 and pack 2 korry led "OFF" button seems to work the opposite way than what the actual simulator is doing. In other words, when the pack is on (pressed directly on screen), the OFF light comes on in my korry switch. If switch the pack off, them OFF light turns off. Basically is doing the opposite than what it is supposed to do. Anyone can help with this?

Thanks in advance
2023-03-16 08:15
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

Basically you need to split up a hardware and a software Issue.

E.g. if you mount and wire your LED wrong way then it would be Light if Mobiflight send a "0" and it is OFF if MF send a "1" . ( Happens e.g. on Hispapanel PCB`s)

Another issue can be a wrong setting in the Output Config.
Or at the end Maybe the Aircraft itself send this information wrong.

So best way.... At first not check the LED... Check the Connector Window and here the "Output Value" and "SimValue" collumns .
Find out if LED work as expected and the Value is wrong OR if Value is right but LED work reversed.

Whatever.... Problem can be solved at the end always.... By solve the issue or by make a simple calculation in Compare/Transform.
Good Luck !
2023-03-23 19:08
Posts: 7
Thanks for your help, basically for what I did figure out, the values were crossed. I did use the suggested Compare option and now is working fine.
Thanks again

2023-03-25 11:22