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Posts: 2
New user of Mobiflight for the construction of my Airbus A320 home cockpit, I am trying to operate the brightness settings of the ECAMs by the ECAM panel of the Fenix ​​A320 pedestal.
The proposed preset for FS2020 for the Fenix ​​A320 is composed of two operations, one for decreasing the brightness value and another separate one for increasing the brightness.
Does this mean that it is not possible to use a classic potentiometer but only push buttons?
Thanks !!
2023-03-15 07:40
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

The whole Preset list is just all the findings from other Users. ( Expect the Stock Aircrafts where we simply copy paste the official SDK Data).

So for your situation there are 2 possible results....

1. Its not possible in case of the Aircraft. If the Aircraft e.g. not allow us to read the current Position of virtual Brightness or better not allow us to write a "final Value" then we get in trouble. Normaly i would say this is not the fact.... but there are many aircrafts who e.g. only have a Inc/Dec option badly.

2. More likely.... The USer who create these 2 Events simply use Buttons and not a Poti. So he not do this additional work and code it once again for a poti, too.
So all you need to do is create these preset for the Poti yourself.

If you not be able to do this.... Join or Discord. There are lots of Supporters who know how to dig those events and can help you.
Good Luck !
2023-03-23 19:38
Posts: 4
Brightness control of the Fenix A320 ECAM screens with potentiometers is now listed in Hubhop but they don’t appear to work, the output value changes in Mobiflight but the knobs in the simulator don’t move.
2023-12-16 17:32
Posts: 2
Running into similar issue with Range knob on A320 FWB with a potentiometer. I see two variables ( one for increase and one for decrease). It works for me independently if one is enabled, on the increase if I rotate the potentiometer clockwise it works. Similarly the other event on rotating in reverse decreases the range. All good, but I have two separate activities created for it, challenge is if both enabled it doesn’t work at all. Can only enable one at a time.
2024-04-25 20:53
Posts: 26
Please join our Discord community server.
Did you try this event for ECAM display brightness with potentiometer?
2024-05-01 00:52
Posts: 26
Most, if not all, brightness inc and dec events can be converted for use with a potentiometer.
2024-05-01 00:54