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Hi Guys

Been a while since being in here. I've since had time off work and re-done my overhead panel for the 737 Ngx-u and with all the updates to mobi I decided to drop the Leo Bodnar cards I hate running my OH and opted for mobi :)

However, I'm struggling here big time

I have set the Standby Spoiler A with PMDG EVENTID - 69697
and I have selected Left mouse click, I close, I save, and in debug mode, I press the switch and it keeps saying No Config Found

Also happens if i Preselect the switch in the dropdown menu

I get the same result if I try it on the Ground Power Switch - No config Found, but all works fine with the Seatbelt Sign

Where am I going wrong?
2023-01-27 19:06
From: ETSI, Germany
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The "No Config Found" Message normaly says "There is no Config active where the used switch is selected"
Basically this have no effect what EventID you use. Also if the Event is wrong then for sure in Sim nothing happens BUT the Infor "No Config Found" would not comes up here!


Logical you made a Mistake here when select the Device in the Config.

For Testing:
1. Confirm your Logging is active .... Use Typ Debug (Info meanwhile should be OK, too. But i recommend myself to use Debug)
2. Just for Testing Create a new MCC File (File-->New) Don´t forget to save your old file before if you have done changes there.
3. Press the Button or move the Switch to see in Logging what device was used and what action was done.
(E.g. a button will give you a OnPRess and a On Release Message if you press it momentary.... A Switch will give you whatever a Press or Release in case of its current position.)
4. Create just ONE Input Config.
5. Now use in that Config EXACT that device and choose for e.g. the confirmed working EventID ... e.g. your Seatbelt Sign.

NOW Press the button or Move the switch.
If all is done correctly then Log will show "Config Found".

Overall.... I expect your Inputs got pretty simular names.... Maybe you just choose for the wrong one.
E.g. 3 Position Switches are 2 Inputs electrical.... If you test the lower Pos but you select the upper one in config.... This can occure in that issue !
Good Luck !
2023-01-28 10:23