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I am very naive with Mobiflight and very much a beginner. I have just built a 737 throttle unit (non motorized) for use with the PMDG737-800 on FSX ( I know very old but can't afford new pc for latest MSFS). I am trying to learn how to program with Mobiflight and FSUIPC the axis using analog inputs and do not have a clue how to get these up and running and to be recognised as an axis in FSUIPC. I have connected to my arduino and selected a pin as recognised as an analog pin by the Modules Tab and from then onwards I am lost.

I can go onto the input configs tab but its the selection of the correct offset from the many drop downs and what to put on the input screen settings. For info I am trying to set up the flaps lever first and will hopefully then have some idea for the remaining axis.

I would be grateful if someone could assist with this in baby steps so a complete novice like me can learn.

I know I can download a joystick library and go down that route in arduino ide or get a Leo Bodnar card but I am trying to learn how to use Mobiflight.

Thanks Steve
2023-01-07 15:40
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

As you still said... For things that can be easy set to a axis in the Sim Controll settings itself ( Like Throttle, Flaps and so on) it is more intuitive to use a HID Joystick Controller ( Like a LeoBodnar , a Arduino with a Joystick Firmware or simply a existing real joystick).

Whatever.... For sure its possible also with Mobiflight !

The problem you got is the "transform" of the analog Poti Value ( 0-1023) into the needed Data Value for the FSUIPC Offsets where you make the input commands.
Those are mostly 0-16383 or in case of throttle and possible Reverser they start at -4096 (minus).

For FS2020 we use a different interface to the Sim (No longer FSUIPC Offsets .... Here we work with WASM and RPN Code .
The big benefit.... There we can do this transformatioin calculation logics within the Code we send.... All internal so the user not need to think about that.
For FSX this is not possible.... So YOU need to calculate this stuff by hand and write the needed Formula in the "Input Value" field of the Config Line.

Simple example.....
The Poti gives 0-1023 ..... You need for the Sim Value 0-16383
In the Input line you can use the "@" symbol that represent the Poti Value..... and you multiply it with 16.
So Input: @*16
Result: MF send now the right Value.... e.g. Poti in Middle Position = Poti Value 512 .... 512*16= 8196 .

Target: You must make a math calculation that use the Input Value of Poti and result in a clean Output Value as expected by the Offset!

Give it a try.... If it not work contact us on DISCORD....
There are lots of Users who work still with FSX and can help you !
Good Luck !
2023-01-11 17:34