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This is not a new subject. I want to support Mobiflight with donation but Paypal does not allow this. I believe this is a well documented problem which affects many people and I'm sure is cutting off potential support. I can make purchases through Paypal, is there a way that you can "sell" support vouchers or something similar which would allow donations to be made by means of a purchase. I'm guessing this would no longer be considered a donation in that scenario and may open up other issues with taxation but just wondering.

2022-12-11 03:58
From: ETSI, Germany
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Thanks for your intention to make a donation.

I have no Information about this problem.... Maybe if your Paypal Account is not verificated. ( I had to send a copy of my passport to Paypal in the past).

Whatever.... If you like to send some bucks to MF..... Please Join our Discord
There you can get in Contact to Sebastian (DocMoebius) himself. He pretty sure can guide you to make this possible.
Good Luck !
2022-12-23 15:49
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I don't think this is a general problem. I just made a donation a few days ago using PayPal and it was processed without issue. Maybe something specific with your account?
2023-01-02 21:04