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Good day all!

Via the MobiFlight shop, I bought an already assembled, firmwared, and tested Arduino Pro Micro, which I received today. Unfortunately, when I connect it to my computer, the module is not recognized by MobiFlight (v9.6), and a red LED is turned on. The Pro Micro is only connected via USB (so no pins), but I would expect that it does not make a difference. I tried a couple of different USB cables, so that should not be the issue. It also does not show up in the Device Manager and I tried a couple of different USB ports.

When I connect my Arduino Mega, it immediately shows up in MobiFlight and it works without any issues.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Because I bought it fully prepared, I expected it to work immediately. Hope I don't have to reset the board :-/

I plan to use the board for creating an GTC570 (part of the Garmin G5000) for the Cessna Citation Longitude in MSFS :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance,
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2022-12-16 15:35
From: ETSI, Germany
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For detailed informations/support our Discord is way better
... like a personal chat to give you the help you need !

Whatever.... I expect mostly this is a driver Problem.
I not know for now what board is currently in the shop .... If its a CH340 ( Mostly this is used) then you need Drivers for that.

NOTE: Older Megas ( not based on the CH340) work fine with just the drivers of the Arduino IDE. The CH340 will not and need this files.
Google for "CH340 Drivers" and simply download/install them.
Good Luck !
2022-12-28 18:19
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Hi Pizman82,
I missed your reply earlier, apologies about that. Meanwhile, I have been in touch with Sebastian and the issue is solved now.

It seemed that the USB cable I was using, is for charging only and not for data transfer. So out of four pins, my cable had only two pins wired. After I tried another USB cable it worked. By simple looking at the cable, it is not possible to identify if the cable can be used for data transfer.
The main difference I found, is that when you plug in the Arduino with the correct cable, you immediately see a couple of LEDs flash shortly, and the Arduino should also show up in the Device Manager in Windows.

Hope this is of help for others too.

2023-02-04 09:14