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I'm trying to use a pot as a rudder trim set analog input. I've configured everything using this formula (from hubhop):

@ 12 - 32.506 * 16383 - -16383 max 16383 min (>K:RUDDER_TRIM_SET_EX1).

Everything is working fine. Now...I want to use a dead zone in the middle of the pot values. I checked that my pot goes from 12 to 1020, so I need a deadzone between lets say 480 and 520.

Can you help me in which way I have to change the above formula to make it work?. I know I need some kind of if statement:

if(@<480,formula,if(@<520,0,formula)) (aprox.)

Thanks in advance
2022-12-13 21:25
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

Sorry for late reply.... Hopefully you already solve this.

If not.... Please contact "JaimeLeon" on our Discord
He pretty sure can help you.
And be so kind to post here the final code so other users can see the solution, too.
Good Luck !
2022-12-29 16:27
Posts: 2
I found it:

@ 650
@ 750 <= and
@ 650 <=
if{ @ 21 - 26.0461 * 16383 - -16383 max 0 min (>K:AILERON_TRIM_SET_EX1) }
@ 750 >=
if{ @ 750 - 62.5305 * 0 max 16383 min (>K:AILERON_TRIM_SET_EX1) }

deadzone between 650 and 750.
2023-01-09 19:33