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From: LTBJ, Turkey
Posts: 147
Hey everyone.

Should i add capacitors to my switches ? Would it be any better ? I'm using heavy duty 2 and 3 way switches.

I.E, in my project there is only one switch for Left Fuel Pumps (aft & fwd) due to the pin limitation of the card to control both of them at once. I enter two separate definitions with the Event ID's of aft & fwd fuel switches with the same input, and it works actually, but sometimes when i turn the switch, one of them does not work and i have to turn my switch on and off again for them to act simultaneously.

Anyone experienced such a thing before ?
2016-10-07 07:06
Posts: 10
This is from the release notes:

Release 5.0.0-RC4
Firmware has been updated to 1.1.1 (for mega only)


#44: Implement thread safe text box logger

#43: Ensure proper debouncing of buttons

Since there's a denounce function implemented in the software I don't think there's a need for any capacitors or resistors for that reason. If you get alot of flickering you may consider replacing the switches with better onces maybe?

About the other issue I don't think I can help you. Maybe you could look for an FSUIPC control that maps to both switches that you can use instead of having two controls on the same switch?
2016-10-07 10:59