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Win 10 P3d v5.4
when I right click on the install package v 14.00 9.6.00 and run as administrator mobiflight ill not install I have no idea what is wrong i get a crashdump file mfconnector.exe.8400.dmp
2022-11-17 03:58
From: ETSI, Germany
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Please to get sure download MF Installer from this Webside for new....
Copy it into a free folder ( not run it within the download folder or in /programmfilesx86 or so .....
Best is e.g. c:/Mobi or d:/ whatever simply a unsecured folder from Windows.

Second hint... As you say i run it as admin. Not official required but (for me) good.

If it not work now then i expect your firewall is the problem.
MF installer not include the MF files.... It just startup the installing process and then the installer download newest MF Files from Github.

In very rare cases we get reports from people from special Countrys who blocked Github by there gouverment. ( e.g. in Turkye in the past).

If you can not solve this.... Contact me or a other Moderator on our Discord.
There we can send you a zipped File with newest 9.6 Release.
Then you just need to unzip it and you avoid the install process.
Good Luck !
2022-11-17 20:14
Posts: 2
Thank you very much When I moved the download to another drive t installed OK

I feel a bit overwhelmed by discord but I will give it another go,

Thank you
2022-11-20 01:51