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I am working on my B737 Overhead panel.

There are some 3-way-switches.
Most of the 3-way hardware switches have 3 pins only.
Center position connects no pins, up position ceonnects pin1 with the center and the down position connects pin2 with the center.

Let's take the APU switch which has the states OFF-ON-START:

I would create a mobiflight button with pin1 UP for START and at release to nothing.
Pin2 UP would trigger the state ON and on switch-release the state OFF.
But leaving the ON switch-state when switching to START would then send the OFF command and the APU would not get a start command.

So how do You manage those switches?
I took a look at the pre-condiftions,, but thery only give an option for Arcaze boards, which I do not use...

EDIT: I totaly ignored any INPUTS, but this would be the source for a pre-condition I guess.
Can I define a pre-condition for switch-release only?

Are the inputs only capable for using FSUIPC or can I use simconnect too?
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2022-11-11 13:53
From: ETSI, Germany
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The example with the APU is a little bad, cause here a realistic Build need a momentary Start Position.... So a switch that have a UP Latching, Middle Latching but a Down Non-latching.

The Basic Idea is simple and you NOT need Preconditions.....

Your switch have 3 Positions.... But just two Pins ( 3 with GRD) .... So its a ON-OFF-ON Switch.

You wire it to two Pins and create 2 Button Devices in Mobiflight!
Device 1 is the upper Button..... Device 2 is the Lower Button ....

Upper Button ON PRESS use e.g. the command for OFF
Lower Button ON PRESS use e.g. the command for START.
And now BOTH Configs use in the ON RELEASE Tab the command for ON

Means if you set the switch to UP it send the OFF Command.... If you set it to DOWN it send the START Command.
If you set it to MIDDLE Position then the ON Command is send....
Whatever you move it from Down to Mid or from Up to Mid.... In Both cases the Release of the former Position Config will send the command for ON.

If you really have a 3 Way Switch with 3 Individual Pins, then its a ON-ON-ON
In that case you "can" create 3 Devices and use a ON PRESS Command only for each Positon.... But in theory you could also simply not connect the MId Pin and use it like a ON-OFF-ON, too.
Good Luck !
2022-11-11 15:42