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Everything that follows is for Fenix Simulation's A320 only.

In the HubHop presets, it is announced 1923 presets available and this is a record!

After launching MFConnector and updating the events, it appears on the Fenix only 1556 presets available ? That is 367 events less ?

For example, on the Anti-Ice part, I only have 8 possible events while on HubHop, there are 16!

What is this mystery?

i9 10850K 5,0GHz / Asus Prime Z490-A / 32Go DDR4 3200 / RTX3080 FE 10Go / M2 970PRO 1To / SSD 860PRO 1To / HDD 4To / Fractal Design Define 7 TG / Corsair RM850 / Watercooling / W10 pro 64 / Virpil + Grip / TCA complet / MCDU matériel de A320FCU / mini-OVH / Stream deck (classic et +) / Mini FCU
2022-10-22 15:54
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
I read already the same on Discord..... You miss to think about In and Outputs !

So Solved i expect !
Good Luck !
2022-10-22 23:24