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Posts: 19
some of the pre-selectable HubHop Events for the PMDG 737-700 are not working for me.
Here is a list of the outputs that I cannot get to work.
I have listed the old FSUIPC offsets first and then the WASM events that should be working but do not.
Does anyone have the same problem?

PMDG 737-700 MSFS Outputs:

AFDS Panel:
FSUIPC Offset NGXu -->
6550 1 BYTE MAIN_annunAP CPT
6552 1 BYTE MAIN_annunAT CPT
6554 1 BYTE MAIN_annunFMC CPT
6C0C 1 BYTE MAIN_annunAP_Amber CPT
6C0E 1 BYTE MAIN_annunAT_Amber CPT

WASM -->
PMDG B737 A/P P/Rst 1
PMDG B737 Fmc P/Rst 1
PMDG B737 Fmc P/Rst
PMDG B737 A/T P/Rst
PMDG B737 A/P P/Rst
PMDG B737 Dsp Ap L Red
PMDG B737 Dsp At L Amber
PMDG B737 Dsp At L Red

Recall SixPacks:
FSUIPC Offset NGXu -->
6508 1 BYTE WARN_annunFLT_CONT Boolean
6509 1 BYTE WARN_annunIRS Boolean
650A 1 BYTE WARN_annunFUEL Boolean
650B 1 BYTE WARN_annunELEC Boolean
650C 1 BYTE WARN_annunAPU Boolean
650D 1 BYTE WARN_annunOVHT_DET Boolean
650E 1 BYTE WARN_annunANTI_ICE Boolean
650F 1 BYTE WARN_annunHYD Boolean
6510 1 BYTE WARN_annunDOORS Boolean
6511 1 BYTE WARN_annunENG Boolean
6512 1 BYTE WARN_annunOVERHEAD Boolean
6513 1 BYTE WARN_annunAIR_COND Boolean

WASM -->
PMDG B737 Flt Cont
PMDG B737 Irs
PMDG B737 Fuel
PMDG B737 Elec
PMDG B737 Ovht/Det
Does anyone know the other annunciator presets for the rest of the sixpack annunciator lights?

EEC Panel:
FSUIPC Offset NGXu -->
6434 2 BYTE x 2 ENG _annunENGINE_CONTROL[2] Boolean

WASM -->
PMDG B737 Eng1 Engine Control
PMDG B737 Eng2 Engine Control

Thank you very much!

Best regards Andi
2022-06-17 23:52
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Hi Andi

Tha PMDG stuff is still "work in progress"

At first.... The FSUIPC Offsets wont work.... Cause FSUIPC itself not support PMDG till today.
As i know the Dowsons looking forward to release a BETA Version of FSUIPC the next days for testing a new/old PMDG PlugÍn.
So all related to Offsets is just theoretical and not related to current situation.

The Mobiflight Presets are done by users. I be not able to test them ( i wait fr B737-800 release until i pay money for PMDG)

I highly recommend to join our Discord Server and read the "PMDG Workgroup" Subchannel.
There all users who create those events are there.

I expect the events worked in the moment they was created. But maybe PMDG/FS2020 release a patch where the digged events get broke again.

Please give us some time until we know what is possible or not.
If you not like to wait you have to explore this stuff by hand yourself ( same like the other users do)

I´m sorry. But we get no support from Asobo or PMDG. All data is explored by MF Users in there free-time.
We can not garantee for now if it work or not.
Good Luck !
2022-06-18 01:31
From: EDDH, Germany
Posts: 58
May be this has been solved somewhere.
But I Sound out the following offsets for the sixpack today:
65A8 fltcont
65A9 ist
65AA fiel
65AC apu
65AD ovhtdet
65AB elec
65AE antiice
65AF Hyd
65B0 Doors
65B1 eng
65B2 overhead
65B3 aircond

Best wishes
2022-10-21 17:40
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Thanks for your posting.....

Meanwhile PMDG release there SDK ....
Also FSUIPC release weeks ago there new Version with PMDG support.

Not sure if FSUIPC also patch the new SDK data already, or if there used base was still the new SDK from PMDG ( as i expect).
So users can simply use the newest FSUIPC Release and check the PDF Offset list there.

Situation today.....
Most of the Inputs and Outputs are still done within WASM from our Users ( Special Thanks to Jaime)
A few was not possible in case of missing access by PMDG.

FSUIPC open there SDK interface and is useable meanwhile.

And we still plan to include (if possible) the SDK into MF also. Then we have our current WASM Stuff AND all FSUIPC Elements also within Mobiflight itself. MEans THEN no longer need to use FSUIPC.
Good Luck !
2022-10-22 10:54