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Hello everyone

I wanted to post this here as I looked for a while to try and figure out how to make my 7 segment displays turn off when the avionics switch was off in my sim. There were a few work arounds but It was not going as planned. I jumped on discord and in minutes I was helped and the issue was solved. This is how we did it.

You can turn the brightness down on the displays in the new versions of MobiFlight.

In the outputs tab make a new output called Avionics master. Click on the three dots to get to the ConfigWizard. under Sim Variable search for AVIONICS MASTER SWITCH.

Go to the Compare tab and click the checkmark in the comparison Settings (Apply Comparison to modify the current value.)

In the box that says If current value is. Click the arrow and choose the = sign.

The next Box put the number 1

In the set it to box put your brightness level from 1 to 15 (I chose 5 so the displays are not so bright)

In the else set it to box put 0

Then click okay

If it didn't do it Click the active Square to the left of Avionics Master that you just made.

Open your 7 segment display that you want to turn off. Mine is labeled Com Active 1 (you have to do these same steps on any display you want to turn off)

Go to the Display tab.

Under Extended there is a box that says Brightness ref. choose the Avionics Master that we created and click ok.

Your displays will now turn off when you turn off your Avionics master switch in your homebuilt simulator.

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me!
Have a great day everyone!

2022-10-13 20:07
From: Monteforte d'Alpone, Italy
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Lo stavo proprio cercando. Grazie lo proverò ;)
2022-12-22 10:45
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Thanks for taking the time to write down the steps, much appreciated.

2022-12-23 23:02
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi guys.

Just to tell the three most common ways to do this (without get so detailed like you )
So people who find this topic in the future know all the ideas.....

Way 1 .... Using Display Brightness.
Exactly like explaned above. We use a Config as refference for the Display Bright .... 0 Means OFF .... 15 Means Full Bright.
Big Advantage.... It also Blank the Decimal Point !

Way 2 .... Spaces within the Config by its own Value or a Placehodler.
A "Space" represent a blanked Display.... So if we show 1234 it light and show 1234 .... If we show ' ' (4 Spaces) then it show nothing and is blanked.

For example some Aircrafts have Value "-1" if it should be blank.... So we can say in Compare IF Value = -1 THEN ' ' ELSE $
Means if -1 then Blank else Value.
We can also use a Placeholder here from a other Config .... Lets say the Config "MasterBat" is 1 if Displays must be show data and is 0 if Displays must be blank.
So we can use this Config as Placeholder (lets say "A") and say in transform if(A=1,$,' ')

Way 3 ..... Spaces with 2 Configs and Preconditions.
Here each Display have TWO Configs.
One Config show the Value ..... The Other Config show always Spaces.
And each Config got a Precondition that is inverted.
E.g. Config 1 work if Master Bat Switch is ON ..... Config 2 work if Bat Switch is OFF.


All 3 ways have benefits and disadwnatages ..... But i would say the Disolay Bright (way A) is the most easy for the Master Bat Switch !
Just NOTE: Bright is effected to the whole Max Display..... So it is not a good idea for simulate e.g. the VNAV Blank Display in a B737 if there is a second Display in use on the same Max !
Good Luck !
2022-12-28 18:51