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From: Brazil
Posts: 1
Is it possible to make a 4x4 button matrix in mobiflight?
2022-10-01 23:39
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5884
In easy words.... NO

MF at the moment not support matrix inputs.

I know some people plan for this and also work on the code..... But from official point of view this is not our target !.

You can handle more then 100.000 Inputs with MF by simply add new Arduinos ( and Shifters).
In our opinion there is no need for Matrix essential.
Maybe it will come as a side feature in the future but this is NOT our priority!

Just to tell the whole truth....
With advanced Formulas and some knwoledge you can also do this today.... But not in a profitable way.
Its in theory possible but would need more configs as simply use a new Mega ( What is much more clean and easy also)
Good Luck !
2022-10-02 23:41