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just wondering if this is correct for the FO CDU PMDG

Captains offset is 659F CPT CDU_annunMSG

So would the FO offset be 65A0 FO CDU_annunMSG 2 x 1 byte

6599 CPT CDU_annunEXEC 659A FO CDU_annunEXEC 2 x 1 byte
659B CPT CDU_annunCALL 659C FO CDU_annunCALL 2 x 1 byte
659D CPT CDU_annunFAIL 659E FO CDU_annunFAIL 2 x 1 byte
659F CPT CDU_annunMSG 65A0 FO CDU_annunMSG 2 x 1 byte

Kind Regards
Paul Moss
2022-09-20 01:12
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5783

I think we talk about FS2020 ??

Here some Offsets have changed !

In the past it was pretty easy....
All Offsets in FSUIPC related to FMC was "Byte x2"
Means all Offsets was 1 Byte INT.... Always 2 in a row..... So The first Byte was CPT and the second was the same on the FO FMC.


6599 CDU EXEC LED .... Size 2 Bytes (2x1 Byte) ...
6599 1 Byte INT is EXEC CPT....... and 659A 1 Byte INT is EXEC FO.

659B CDU CALL LED .... Size 2 Bytes (2x1 Byte) ...
659B 1 Byte INT is CALL CPT....... and 659C 1 Byte INT is CALL FO.

If those Offsets change.... I need to check.
But thats the basic idea in the past !
Good Luck !
2022-09-20 01:38