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For hardware interface designers using MobiFlight, I have created a small unpretentious utility PMF.exe.

It allows you to quickly create one or more text files for a particular editor (e.g. Fly By Wire, PMDG, etc...) even without having MobiFlight installed in your PC.

It's faster than the HubHop site which edits MobiFlight presets and it gathers all the presets by plane in a single text file.

Once downloaded ( and move it to the folder of your choice, just select your group in the "Liste des éditeurs" menu and the processing begins.

The processed text file will be placed in the same location as the program and will allow you to list all the inputs/outputs, for example for the Fenix :

FenixSim A320 Lights Input FNX320_LIGHT_DOME_BRT
system: Lights
code: 2 (>L:S_OH_INT_LT_DOME)
presetType: Input

FenixSim A320 Lights Input FNX320_LIGHT_NAVLOGO_OFF
system: Lights
code: 0 (>L:S_OH_EXT_LT_NAV_LOGO)
presetType: Input

At the end of the text file, the last line indicates the number of presets for the chosen aircraft at the indicated date:
Nombre de presets pour FenixSim A320 : 1904 to 19/09/2022

If, for a given editor, several aircrafts are concerned, there will be as many files as different aircrafts, for example for PMDG : PMDG DC-6 and PMDG B737-700.

i9 10850K 5,0GHz / Asus Prime Z490-A / 32Go DDR4 3200 / RTX3080 FE 10Go / M2 970PRO 1To / SSD 860PRO 1To / HDD 4To / Fractal Design Define 7 TG / Corsair RM850 / Watercooling / W10 pro 64 / Virpil + Grip / TCA complet / MCDU matériel de A320FCU / mini-OVH / Stream deck (classic et +) / Mini FCU
2022-09-19 10:37