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Hi, I have an old hardware Garmin from FSX upon which all the switches and encoder wire are now severed and and ready to be united with a Mobiflighted - Arduino. Exciting!
I decided to do this on the basis I shall never use FSX again and the YouTube video of the Beta that showed we could now control the GPSs see:

Of course not all BETA stuff makes the cut - but now on V9... I figured surely this must now be part of the product, but we I try to follow the steps of the video - I get nothing like the same interface. Does anyone know if that beta demo turned out to be a blind alley and if it wasn't, can anyone help me set up the Cessna GPS.

please understand I did check older questions about the Garmins, but the negative answers about Asobo/FSUIPC not giving a path seem to predate Sebastian demonstrating in that Beta that he could now assign the connections.

2022-09-08 19:58
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi Ian

This Video is pretty outdated.
It was the first time we connect Mobiflight directly to the FS2020 ( So the birthday of our WASM) Until that day we have to use FSUIPC always.

For sure.... The Interface have changed cause we rework Mobiflight that 2 Years massive.
For example its no longer needed to figure out these Events yourself and add them into a text file.
Now MF have a own Database (HubHop) including tenthousands of Events and Outputs for lots of AddOns and Stock.

To awnser the question.... If the used Aircraft/AddOn is still in our Database you can easy build your configs withpout deeper knowledge.
If you use a special AddOn that is not already in the Lists then you maybe need some time and work to figure out the events.
But also there we have guides and helpfull people on our Discord who can support you !
Good Luck !
2022-09-11 02:07