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Hey Everyone,

I'm working on connecting a GMA-1347 audio panel I built to go with my G1000s for MSFS2020. I've tested my buttons with various G1000 inputs (from MS-Generic-Avionics) to make sure it's wired correctly, and it is. I see the input in game.

I'm going down the row starting with my COM1 and I'm selecting AS1000_MID_COM_1_Push, and I'm receiving no input. I went down a few more and tried COM2 (AS1000_MID_COM_2_Push), COM3 (AS1000_MID_COM_3_Push), TEL (AS1000_MID_TEL_Push), SPKR (AS1000_MID_SPKR_Push), etc.

Are these not the correct selections, or is there something else I'm missing?

Appreciate any help.
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2022-08-26 22:21