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From: Kaduna, Nigeria
Posts: 1

Can you please share your configuration and the wiring diagram ?

Thank you

2022-08-22 07:29
From: Durham, United States
Posts: 2
Could you please share the documents you provided the links to? I am unable to open them. Thank You!
2023-07-04 22:02
Posts: 1

I am attempting to make this TQ as well. Please may I have access to these diagrams? Does it also come with the MobiFlight .mcc file?
I have seen your video of the completed TQ, and I'm impressed that you managed to do it!
I have requested file access but am unsure if that covers all the links you sent. Here is my Gmail:


After 3 weeks of intensive work to motor a TQ I finally succeeded.
It's a topic that has been covered by many people but no one has ever published the solution, I don't know if because they didn't succeed or because they kept it to themselves.
I chose to share it.
The main problem was to install the 3 servomotors for the 2 throttles and the SPD BRK inside a FlightSimPM TQ, the second and most difficult step was to connect the servomotors with an Arduino Mega board and configure it with Mobiflight + Prosim738.
It was not easy because there was a problem of blocking the servo as soon as it was connected to the MEGA, so it was necessary to add two relays that through a configuration on Mobiflight as if it were a led and on Prosim as if it were a solenoid you have the disconnection of the servomotor from the 5v or from the signal, being able to move the throttle lever in manual mode.
below are the wiring and configuration diagrams.

2024-02-17 22:12
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