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Hi Stephan How are you?

This is a awesome software, congratulation, and thank you very much.
Since I switched to MSFS 2020 and PMDG 737-700, I cannot get to work the master battery switch to turn OFF all the annunciators, and the light test switch on the MIP to turn ON all the led's when switching to TEST. Using the "Precondition" on the old FSX and PMDG everything was working as intended.
Presently for the switches I had to change the config and use the MSFS 2020 variables, the annunciators instead are still working with the old FSUIPC Offset from the previous version. Can you please help me to figure it out how to create the condition to get them to work as before?

Best Regards
2022-08-05 23:25
From: ETSI, Germany
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Do you really need this ?

I not own PMDG for FS2020 till now ( i wait for the -800 release)

But technical i expect its on the same state like the PMDG 737NGX-"u" from 2020 P3D.

THERE most of the LED and also some 7Seg already include the battery Switch and Light test logics.
So e.g. if we read the LED for Flight Director then it always show Sim Situation.
It was 1 when we use Lighttest (Whatever it was OFF in Sim by function or not.....
It was 0 if master Bat is OFF and there is no Power in Sim (Whatever Switch was in ON Position.
And it work 100% correct if no lighttest was in progress and power was on.

Maybe the provisional logic to read Lvars instead of PMDG Offsets via FSUIPC not include this..... I dont know.


If this is the case.... The solutuion is the same like in the past.... We would read 2 indications....
E.g. The Light test Switch Position and the Master Battery Status .... And then we need to build (same as in the past) a formula that include this.
E.g. for each standard led something like this....
Master Bat = A Light Test = B
In LED we say ($+B )*A
So We "add" the status of Lighttest.... means if Lighttest is OFF we add "0" ..... if Lighttest is ON we add "1".
So a 0+0=0 ....1+0=1 will change nothing when lighttest is OFF .... 0+1=1 1+1=2 Means with Lighttest Value is always 1 or greater and LED light.
With the *A we multiply with Battery status ..... If Battery is ON we multiply by 1 .... so 0*1=0 ... 1*1=1 .... 2*1=2 .....
If Battery is OFF then result is always Zero.... 0*0=0 .... 1*0=0 .... 2*0=0

Means this simple formula do all we need.
Why should this logic work different in FS2020 ?
Good Luck !
2022-08-06 01:54