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How i adding and use encoder at trim wheel (if potentiometer not possiple)
how i add encoder to mobi and fsuip ?
i have FSX steam edition and fsuip registered. win8.
encoder have cheap chinese 30 click/turn whit button. have 2-bit gray code i no know what mean.

I think encoder can use same if have HDG or IAS etc, only adding to trimm wheel,

joystick move(up,down,left,right)pedals, HDG,IAS,VS, etc.whit encoder ?
But i no understand english youtube video how i add encoder and how use.
make video what show step py step add other than alps encoder to mobiF,
were have more step by step video i no found than only one video "how you getting start"
and i understand (and working fine) first led test and first toggle switch test,
but encoder not understand :( only need connect A to pin 1 and B to pin 2 and center to GND.
(A=encoder pin and to pin1 = mega)what pin number you use.etc, pin 50 and 52 or 22 and 23.
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2016-09-18 13:34
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An encoder needs two pins and GND. You can use any two pins on your Arduino. They don't need to be adjacent.
Add the encoder in the settings menu and set the correct pins. Then you can use it in the "Output"-tab. It is very easy.
Have a great day!

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2016-09-24 01:37
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Thanks, my first encoder working now whit radio com1 frenfency, but how use fast mode too this ?
com1 freg fast mode value ?

same think how fast value whit "heading bug"
2016-09-27 11:53