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No matter if you’re searching for your first job or the 21st, an organized, targeted and impressive resume for a software engineer can assist you in landing it.

Many job seekers are tempted to make a single profile that lists every one their qualifications and experiences and claim it’s done. But in the highly competitive technology industry, you’ll need to customize your software engineer resume to suit each job to catch the attention of.

Utilizing words and keywords, and cutting out unnecessary information will help you get your software engineering resume to the top of the heap. Find out how.
Your resume should be tailored to the job you are applying for
Tech companies employ applications tracking software which analyses resumes to find keywords before they send them to hiring managers. If you tailor your resume to match the job listing, you will significantly increase the chances of being cut in the first place and securing an interview.

Employer job descriptions serve to create a template for your resume for software engineering. The job descriptions should be highlighted with the essential duties and qualifications as well as reflect the employer’s language and key words on your resume and job application. Make sure you incorporate these skills naturally (and don’t boast about skills that you don’t really have).

For example, if looking to become an engineer in testing on Amazon include the following phrases, “X years of software development experience using Java, Python, and C#/C ++.”

There are many suggestions to conceal keywords using plain text. Application tracking software transforms your resume to plain text, which means that your keywords will not remain unnoticed. Make sure to highlight the pertinent skills you have instead of getting a bit naive with your resume’s formatting.

How do you prepare your software engineer resume
Employers aren’t able to find a lot of time to read resumes, so keep it on one sheet. If you’ve got a long time of relevant experience, you can finish with two pages.

The font’s size 11-12 inches should let you fit everything within without overcrowding. Present your work and educational experiences in reverse-chronological order.

Your resume’s design should be minimalist and professional. The best way to do this is to utilize a single, appealing color, besides white and black. You can impress recruiters with your talents rather than a distracting magenta background.

Choose a format that is easy to understand and neat — either two-column or a one-column layout. Bullet points help with readability and white space makes your resume appear clean and up-to-date.

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