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I'm looking for som detailed help if possible...
I have bought a Hispapanels a320 FCU and have now put it together and need to get it functional with my MSFS2020.
It's build on a PCB and have 4 displays with 6 digits each...
All the LED's and bottoms are put together in pinconnectors...

Anybody that have bought such panel and get it working?

Please help me get the panel functional...

Best Regards

Anders Olesen
2022-05-29 00:07
From: ETSI, Germany
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The Hispapanel Stuff is basically compatible with MF.
There are some important points to know.
1. All older Hispa Panel stuff ( i expect also Airbus FMC) work with common Anode LED instead of Common Cathode like MF do.
Means you need to make some changes. You have to turn the LED by 180° and you need to wire GRD to the 5V Pin where you would power them.
If you build the Stuff like Hispa do, then you need a special formula in MF to set e.g. a LED to "0" if it should be ON and to "1" if it should be OFF.

2. Hispa not work with Max7219 on there Master Boards.... Means the Display System is not useable for us. BUT in case we would finally conect our Displays to a Max Chip we simply not use the Flat wire Bridge from Display to PCB.... We simply connect that flat wire to a own Max Bridge ( Available soon in MF Shop)

3. Get in conteact to Hispa. Manolo ( The Boss of Hispa) currently plan ( or still release) a own "Adapter Board" for Mobiflight.
Means a Shield for a MEGA that work 1:1 with his current Flat Wire IDC Connectors.
We design this already for Boeing737 and Monolo sell them.
So in the future you can get there also PCB for Airbus same way.

For the Max7219 PCB please join our Discord and contact Stephan !
Good Luck !
2022-05-30 00:33