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Posts: 48

Im setting up some 7 segments.

But the ADF is not listed in the presets, so i found the preset for the ADF1 which is
"034C 2 ADF1 Frequency: main 3 digits, in Binary Coded Decimal. See also offset 0356. A frequency of 1234.5 will have 0x0234 here and 0x0105 in offset 0356. (See also offset 0389) "

I put in 034C and 2 and BCD mode.
Then it works with 3 digits as it says. But an ADF has the ability to shoe 1234.4 meaning 4 digits with a dot.
I have tried to alter som values, but the closest i can get is 1599 for example but when showing 899 for example its displaying 1899. I tried to put in some values in the compare section. Borrowing some from the COM 1. No luck so far.

Anyone know how to configure this in mobiflight? =)
2016-09-09 01:39
From: NW of KPWK, United States
Posts: 1516

the part in front of the point (the whole part) is stored in the Offset that you are using: 0x034C.
The part after the point (the fractional part) is apparently stored in: 0x0356

You would therefore define two output configs in Mobiflight. One for the whole part and one for the fraction part. They both use the same display module but different digits. This should be possible - I have not yet tried it out

Please let us know if you get it working.
Have a great day!

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2016-09-09 06:51
Posts: 142
Hi there

I had to define three outputs. One for the first digit (high value), one for three main digits and one for the last digit (low value). Here is a video on how i did it.

2017-01-10 03:41
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Hi Albeagle

Maby youre Config is a little confusing for beginners.

Youre Bitmask is wrong.
The Low Byte ( first byte) is masked from bit 0 -7 the High byte is masked from bit 8-15 (Youre mask work to but newbies not understand why)

To better understanding i will recommend to use the bytes without masking, too.
In this case there is a 2 Byte Offset.... The first byte is the decimal fraction ..... the second is the 1000 Part.
So why you not use Offset 0356 ONE Byte for the Config of the decimal Diggit.... AND Offset 0357 ONE Byte for the Config of 1000 Diggit ( Then you also need NO BCD Mode)
I Think it´s easyer to use different bytes. Masking is just needet if a single Byte include different bit values.


At last a (little tricky) way to set this with only 2 Config Lines.....
Fist line is like suscribe above with Offset 034C with BCD Mode ( For the middle 3 Diggits ) (Use Left Padding for correct Display)

Second is using ..... Offset 0356 2 Byte INT BCD Mode ON ( For the 1000 AND Decimal Diggit)
Now you need a Compare.....
If only the Decimal is shown ( no 1000 Part when frequence is below 999.9 ) Then the Value is 0-9 like the value of decimal Part.
If Frequency is above 1000 then the Value is 10? ( ? is decimal Part ..... For Exmaple 1109,5 is shown as 105.
To make a 2 diggit Value we use " Compare : IF Value bigger then 10 ..... >10 .... THEN $-90 " So 105 come into 15 (and can be shown on 7 Segment Display)
Now only set Display for this config with the next Left and next Right Diggit nearby the first Config of the middle Part. (Use Left Padding for correct Diplay)

Good Luck !
Good Luck !
2017-01-10 15:24
Posts: 142
Hi pizman82

Well explained :thumbup:

2017-01-10 22:13