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Hi all,

I've searched and found a few old threads from 2016-2017 that mentioned either:
1. Making a custom encoder that uses a mechanical means to create the push pull.
2. Buying a dual push/pull encoder.
3. Using FSUIPC and doing some programming where the length of the button press causes either a push or a pull

I'm looking for a simpler solution. I'd like to use the same push button on the encoder to act like a toggle where I press it repeatedly and every time switches between push or pull. Or where the length of the push means either push or pull. Kind of like (3.) above, but without doing programming.

I'm only asking since I recently installed Mobiflight and the interface with MSFS 2020 is all simple drop down menus, which I believe it didn't used to be and you had to do a lot of programming on FSUIPC before. Correct me if I'm wrong. I believe I saw a toggle for one of the autopilot knobs but haven't managed to make it work.

(Background: I've recently started building a simple panel where the speed heading altitude and vertical speed are controlled with encoders that have only a push button.)

Lastly, if your English is not the best, reply in German. My German is rusty but I appreciate all feedback!

2022-03-11 22:04
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Hi Paolo.

At First... Not mix 2 aircrafts together.... the A320 Stock and the A320FBW are 2 DIFFERENT Aircrafts and using also for lots of the functions fully different Variables and Events !

What you need is still done ( for the most FBW elements i know).
Please check the FBW Inputs on HubHop.
For example the Altitude Knob in FBW .....

Also please not get scared about "Using Code"
We not talk about writing 2 pages of Code Scripting or difficult Elements like the LUA Stuff in the Past in FSUIPC.

With "Little Code" we mean Transform/Compare Syntax like if(A=1,0,1) and in FS2020 some RPN Coding within the Variables.
And also gladfull this RPN you not need to do yourself mostly.... Cause advanced Users still write this code and offer it via HubHop !


For the Altitude there exist no "toggle" Event like you need it for your momentary Button..... So the Por USers write THIS Code:


This say.... Check the Status Variable of the PushPull Knob (Autopilot Altitude Slot Index) .... If its currently Pulled, then send the PUSH Command , ELSE ( so if its currently not pulled what means its pushed a.t.m.) then send the PULL Command.


Summary: Check the Lists.
If something is missing you can write the code yourself, OR you ask on Discord a advanced User for help !
Good Luck !
2022-03-11 22:35