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Posts: 3
I have MSFS2020 on a W10 PC with a number of Arduino R3s. The firmware has been sucessfully installed and Autopilot and Avionics work fine on the Cessnas, DA-62 & A320 neo. I am however unable to ge the A320neo EFIS inputs to work. Neither the buttons for VOR, WPT etc or either of the rotary switches for ARC, MAp and the ranges work.

Inputs used are
1. MSFS Event IDs with A32x FWB - EFIS CAPT with EFIS A£") Neocodes
2 FSUIPC Offsets such as 0x0E00 with 0-5 variables for each range

I tried to join Discord as your note suggests but was prevented from joining. Why I do not know as I use it witrh other forums.
2021-08-31 12:27
From: Salerno, Italy
Posts: 88
Check here
2021-09-01 17:29
Posts: 3
I got all the EFIS functions to work with my EFIS panel and FBW dev build.

I'm using the MSFS2020 events. Then select the " Fly By Wire\A320\EFIS" group. From there, you'll see the list of all the actions you can perform from the EFIS panel. They all work fine for me using the latest FBW dev build (5c122cf) (pressure knob, mode & range rotary switch, push buttons for CSTR, FD, LS, etc and also the VOR1 VOR2 horizontal switches). You may need to refresh your event list from Mobiflight.

Hope that helps!
2021-10-03 18:50
Posts: 3
I am having weird behavior with the EFIS buttons.
the NDB button for example only works if the ARPT button was previously pressed.
If I have CSTR button pressed and then I press NDB, NDB does not work.

If I disable the LED output for ARPT, then the NDB button press doesn't even work.

I am using the preset in mobiflight.
I rechecked my wiring and it is fine. I am not sure what is going on.
2022-02-28 22:29
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

Please take care about the used AddOn.

Do you talk about the A320Neo (Stock FS2020) or do you talk about the FlyByWire A320 ( or its Developer Version)
All three Airbus looks same but have fully different Variables.

Also there must be something fully wrong in your config....
A OUTPUT Config just read the current Value of a System!
It can NEVER be effected to a Input ! So a Input will work same way.... Whatever you got a Output config or not !
Good Luck !
2022-03-01 01:45
Posts: 8
In my left EFIS(no right EFIS installed yet) the buttons for FD and LS works for me but the buttons for CSTR, NDB, VOR.D, WPT, ARPT, and the rotary switches aren't working. Also the left toggle switch is inop. Baro setting encoder, Hg-Hpa switch and Std switch work fine. Are there anyone reading this that may have suggestions or solutions? I am using the latest FBW and Mobiflight editions.The FCUworks as it should. No errors in the Mobiflight log.
2023-12-05 01:02