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Posts: 129
Thanks MOBIFLIGHT (it´s Sebastien?) for your great program. I have made my FSX PANEL and I used Mobiflight form the LIGHTS, GEAR, FLAPS, AUTOREVERSE. I don´t know to program C++, and to program 16 BUTTONS, 12 LEDS and 1 SERVO will be impossible for me. Thanks a lot.

I want to upload a little video to YOUTUBE but now, I´m uploading a photo of my Panel to dropbox:

The panel has 520x190x150 mm. It´s a great piece of HW and hundreds of hour soldering, working with Corel to make the distribution and with Arduino and it´s code. I´m using 2 ARDUINO MEGA and 2 ARDUINO UNO. The more complex it´s LIGHTS, GEAR and FLAPS and that it´s the reason to use MOBIFLIGHT and not JIM´S PAGE. The GPS 500 has a 7" VGA display and I put the GPS all the time. The buttons are in the Panel as you can see.

If any one want to know how I did it, please send me an email to

Without MOBIFLIGHT fantastic an EASY, VERY EASY program the panel will be impossible for me. The code of arduino that Sebastian has made it´s a lot of effort and a millions of hours of hard work. Thanks again.:) :) :)
2016-05-01 16:15
Posts: 64
how you adding radio panel ? and need you write arduino code ? i no understand write code but if have working code can you share this all simulator user too?
my first test go good i test one led, but future i think i need many board, and make all cessna 172 switch,encoder to gauge,flaps,foot bedals,annuincator,radio,autopilot,throttle,wheel,trimm,GPS, etc,etc, what can add .
but i worry how lot i need write kua or arduino code ? i no understand code good.
before i use jimszn arduino program but i no can write code has wery hard use, maybe thats have better newbie use.
2016-05-03 10:56
Posts: 10
Awesome work! Send you an email some days ago, hope you will have time to answer!
2016-08-15 10:27