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From: Manzanares, Argentina
Posts: 1
Hello !!! First of all, thank you for this wonderful software that makes what we want to do in the world of virtual aviation come true.
My name is Javier Toobe, 60 years old and I live in Argentina. I am a longtime electronics technician and systems analyst.
My project consists of a portable switch box, mainly oriented to the Cessna 172. I fly in 2 locations so the idea was to transport my "plane" !!!

I also added a few things so that I can migrate to bigger planes as my technique improves.

I hope you like it. My thanks also to the forum participants, without their invaluable help I could not have done it.

Note: The cabinet is an old 3Com hub
2021-08-19 20:03
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Nice Work !!!

Greetings to Argentinia from Germany !
Good Luck !
2021-08-25 15:22
Posts: 53
Very nice. I love the way you repurposed that case. Not sure if you're going to use labels but there is clear sticky backed printer "paper" that can be use for it.
2021-09-14 02:11
Posts: 11
:) Congrats.
2022-01-09 13:52