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I want to create my first full panel using MF.

I designed in Illustrator the layout of the front panel with dimensions 400 x 100 mm as follows:

What i am thinking as a final product is a box like W:400 x H:100 x Depth:150

But WHAT NOW? What are my next steps?

I understand that i should design somehow the box and 3D print it? But what about the front panel design?

Sorry for my noob questions, i would just need an advice where to start look. I do not own 3D printer nor any other equipment that could help me create the panel e.t.c

I only have a good friend who can create the STS file in 3DS MAX :)
2022-01-04 14:38
From: ETSI, Germany
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At first you need to know WHAT you want.
Your planing looks good, whatever some points ( for me) are not logical.

E.g. the Lights down left.... What is the sense of the Taxi/Landing LED. Without a button you can not controll it. So a pure indication is not helpfull.
Maybe here additional Buttons ( or combined Buttons with led) would be more logical.

If you know what you need..... the next step is to decide how "perfect" it must be.
Is this just a qick and dirty project to learn the basic thematic.... then i would not 3D Print. Use a Wooden or Carton plate at first.
For sure... If monney is no factor or if you already like to learn CAD works and 3D Printing..... Then build it!

Step 3 is to design think about the electrical Part.... How many Pins do you need. How do you like to wire it ?
So make a planing.... plan also for the used Pins in the Mega and how you like to name the Devices.

Step 4 Build all together.

Step 5 Create the Devices in the Mega and finally build your Config.

Good Luck !
2022-01-04 15:06
From: Hamburg, Germany
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Good evening.

My Flusi-Box (picture shows the first Beta-Version ) was build with 10 mm thick chipboard for the bottom and the back, the sides, front and top of 4mm plywood. Inside is a frame of 15x15mm wooden strips. To make it looking more technical and to make it easy to open, i inserted anchor nuts in the strips to use black metric screws and the whole box was painted gray.

The smaller gray parts were 3D-printed.

So if i would build something like yours, i again would build the frame out of wooden parts and maximum print the front.
As my printer cannot print more than 220 x 220 i would cut it into two pieces.

The next boxes (Trim wheel, AP, Radios, etc....) will be made like that.

But I defenitely won't print the whole box as it would take unbelievable long and would cost a lot of filament if it should be stable and long lasting.

You can also make the front out of 3 or 4 mm wood, and glue a sticker (e.g. on it.

Electronics is clear: MF, what else. And follow pizmans hints.....


2022-01-05 22:03
From: Hamburg, Germany
Posts: 178
Good morning,

i just saw that JLCPCB are not only manufacturing PCBs but - new - you can order custom 3D-Printed parts as well, when uploading a STL and being a little patience about the delivery.

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2022-01-06 09:05