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Hello, I am attempting to motorize my Airbus TQ --

With Mobiflight is it possible to implement a working trim system?

I have been recommended to use a 19:1 DC gear motor with encoder support --

Will there be any issues implementing a trim + feedback loop system?

As you all know the airbus is usually autotrimmed, however manual trim must be set prior to take off, and if there is a degradation in systems (manual trim in flight).

Jeehell FMGS as you know can use FSUIPC offsets to set trim values.

Is this possible with Mobiflight?

Hardware wise I will also require an H-Bridge, and the Ardruino mega board? Any recommendations?

Thank you,

2017-05-12 13:16
From: NW of KPWK, United States
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I have not tried it yet. The other day someone shared that he was able to use an easy driver to drive the stepper.
But the encoder, I don't know really how it is intended to work.
Can you provide more details?
Have a great day!

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2017-05-13 05:54
From: ETSI, Germany
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i just try to find infos about.... Not easy :O
If i understand it correct this motor use a inverted logic like Mobiflight !

MF normaly scan a Offset .... If this is change we send this changes via the 4 Datalines ( High Low code) to the ULN2003 and this power up the Motor to the correct direction and position (steps)

Here i think it´s reversed..... the Motor got only 2 Power Lines... One for Clockwise, one for Counterclockwise.
BUT Additional the Motor include a Encoder that export data while turning. ( And we can Readout this data)

So.... Basic Logic ( i think)
If the scaned Offset Value increase for example we need to powerup the Motor with the correct Clock/Counterclock line.... Then it turns and same time the internal Encoder send Data to Mobiflight.... With this Data Mobiflight need to know when the target Position is reached and then need to stop powering the Motor !

My result.... This is NOT posible with current System logic....
First we can´t get a internal Variable so we need to write the Encoder Input to a custom Offset and read it again for calculating.... to much delay maby for a precesion controlling!
Second we get no way to say " PinX is high until Offset A -AND- Offset B gets same Value.
Third we can´t define if a Value is increase or decrease since last Data Read. But this is needed to define direction of turning !

So... With a new function in Mobiflight maby posible.... but NOT with a self designed config based on current availibel Mobiflight tools i think !
Good Luck !
2017-05-14 16:43
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Hello, did you try it?
2021-12-30 01:24
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5566

This is a 4 Year Old Topic..... While time goes by a lot of things have changed!!

MF now be able to compare 2 ( or more) configs together within one calculation....
MF can store Values in Mem Registers....

YES. This should be possible right now !
Good Luck !
2021-12-30 17:41