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I'm not sure if I am doing something incorrectly or there is an issue. I am using the latest version of FSUIPC, and P3D v5.3. I am currently trying to the get the value of the Heading in the MCP, but nothing seems to work. I have enabled the broadcast in the _options.ini .
If I turn Logging on in FSUIPC and set the "Specific value checks" offset to 652C S8 Hex and display to FS Window I can see the SimConnect Message Window with the value of IPC:652C (S8) = 0x0 (and as I turn the knob this does increment/decrement).
If I also turn on the logging in FSUIPC to see the IPC Reads/Writes and send to console window nothing is shown. How can get this value read by Mobiflight and should it show in the FSUIPC Logging console window?

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2021-12-14 15:53
From: ETSI, Germany
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At first.... Why do you want to log this in FSUIPC ???

Simply make for testing a Mobiflight Output Config..... Read the specific Offset .... Not use a Device like a Display or LED. We not want to show something.... We just like to test.

If you press RUN then you see right of the Config Line 2 Collumns..... FSUIPC Value and Output Value.
In the FSUIPC Collumn you will see the "raw" Value that is supported on that Offset!


About Test:

1. Wrong Setting:

offset to 652C S8 Hex


652C 2 WORD MCP_Heading

Heading is a Integer ..... So HEX is wrong and should be used as INT .....
Heading is a "word" Cause it can be more then 0-255 . So it can not be 8bit.... it is 16 bit .... so S8 is wrong !
Heading should be not Signed ..... It NOT work from -180 to +180 so it must be "unsigned" ..... So Not S8 ---- U16 is the key !

2. Wrong Logic....
the Logging you use at first just check the "Offset" itself ""Specific value checks""
As you say this workes....

The other Logging "IPCWrites/Read" Check if there are done Writes or Reads via the IPC Interface.
If MObiflight make a Write or a Read this is logged here.
But for sure.
If you have no Output Config in MF that read this Offset ( And MF is not currently in RUN Mode) then for sure there are no Reads logged!

Please tell me WHAT you exactly like to confirm by the logging.... I not understand your intention here at the moment !
Good Luck !
2021-12-15 18:13