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Posts: 8
Dear all, my file taht uses Joystick events as input to drive the knob of range across various types af aircarft was working consistently but after SU7 it is now broken, only for the FBW A32. All other aircraft have all functions going smoothly. So it's not a matter of input not received, software not running etc.
Any clue on tis?
2021-11-27 20:39
Posts: 8
I must be missing something here, also the update of the G1000 stopped the Mobiflight app to inputting controls via joystick.
As I do not believe the core parts of the software miht have changed, maybe there is some routine operation to retrigger the app in workmod after an update?
2021-11-28 18:01
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

What do you mean with "stopped the Mobiflight app to inputting controls via joystick."

Do you mean you use the VJOY Plug In..... So you use simple Buttons on a Mega to simulat "Joystick Inputs" to the Sim....
Do you mean you use a Real Joystick and you detect this Button presses via the new "Mobiflight HID Support" to assign functions to external Joystick Buttons ??

Whatever.... A Update of the Sim or of the FBW have no effect here.
The System that MF detect Joybuttons OR also the System to simulate VJOY Inputs..... BOTH is fully indipended fromt the Sim itself !

You can simply test this.....
If your Inputs work e.g. for a other aircraft.... As you said .... then MF make everything correctly.
In that case..... 99% sure the Events of your used Aircraft ( FBW) have changed by the SU7 or by a Update of the FBW Guys themself..... Same for the G1000 Mod.

Check with the FS2020 DEV Mode if the Events are still correct or if they use new ones from now.
Good Luck !
2021-12-03 00:21
Posts: 4
FBW A320 DEV, EFIS range and mode knobs don't work anymore.

f.e. Fly By Wire/A320/EFIS and A320_Neo_MFD_Range_1_80 worked before to put EFIS range to 80nm. After SU7 and having turned from standard to dev release the other buttons still work, just range and nav mode broken.

Having checked Fly By Wire/A320-Dev/EFIS group there are no range or nav mode events.
2021-12-12 23:58