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When starting up the connector it is coming up 5 items where you are asked if you want to assign to other boards.
3 of this boars has been used but is now removed.
the 2 others has the same ser. no as one that is still connected.
How to remove the 3 not used and what about the 2 others.
Can't find anything under search
Sorry about the duplicate

Henning Ringsvold
2021-11-24 12:42
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5979
I already delete the duplicated Posting..... No Prob.

About Question:

This is the "Orphand Modules" Dialog.
Mobiflight tell you in the current loaded MCC File there are Configs ( In or Output) that are directed to Moboiflight Boards (e.g. Megas) that are currently NOT Connected.
So it ask you if you like to locate them to "another" Board that is currently connected.

Simple example.... Your Mega get Broke.... You buy another one.... Create the SAME Devices on it , wire it same way.... And you start MF.....
Then This Dialog allow you to say " Please Mobiflight use the new Mega with name "xxxxxx" and convert it to the old Mega with name "yyyyyy" config items.

So in your case....
The Config include Elements that are located to the 3 (no longer connected) Megas.....

Ask yourself.... Why do you need Configs ( In/Out) that can not work in case the needed Mega is disconnected by yourself ???

You can SAVE the MCC File after you manage your orphand Modules.... Then the avoided Configs loose there Device but still exist.

I hope you understand....
If not please tell me what you like to do.... Why do you remove the 3 Megas.... Why do you remain that config lines.... What do you wand to do ??
Good Luck !
2021-11-25 17:06
Posts: 134
That clarified the whole ting.
2021-11-27 13:20