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I have a Leonardo joystick that Win 10 sees as such plus all the Buttons & Axes . MobiFlight just sees it as an unknown Arduino. How do i proceed from here.
2021-11-24 02:11
From: ETSI, Germany
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For sure.... MF see it ( in Settings- Devices) as a Unknown Arduino!
1. MF can not work with a LEO ..... Just Mega (and Micro/Uno on own risk).
2. The LEO logical have no MF Firmware.... So its just a "unknown Arduino".

I think you look on wrong Spot !
If it is a Joystick (HID Device) then it should be shown directly in the Input Config "Module" Dropdown.....
There are all Mobiflight Boards AND all connected HID Devices !
Good Luck !
2021-11-25 16:50