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I'm having a heck of a time getting this 3-way switch programmed right. I'm using an on-off-on switch, however as you probably know the source switch in the upper panel is GPU-BATT-OFF. I've got it partially working, with BATT and OFF. But seems no matter what I set the other pole commands to, it never goes up to GPU. Has anyone figured this out? I'm using pins 32 and 33. Pin 32 is wired to the upper ON position, and 33 is wired to the lower ON position. As I have it working with BATT:
Pin 32 is set to TBM930_ELECTRICAL_SOURCE_OFF on press, and set to TBM930_ELECTRICAL_SOURCE_BATT on release.
No matter what I set pin 33 to, it will not go up to GPU. Help please!
2021-11-25 07:00
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

Sorry for late Reply:

Basically the Logic sounds good. Badly i can not see if GPU and OFF means Up Down or Down UP.

Base Idea is..... Both "Switches" have a Own Config..... For RELEASE Both will use the same Event.... TBM930_ELECTRICAL_SOURCE_BATT
For the Press one must use the TBM930_ELECTRICAL_SOURCE_OFF ( the upper or lower whatever wich is UP or Down)
the "other" now must use a 3rd Event..... I not check the Lists..... simply look for something like TBM930_ELECTRICAL_SOURCE_GPU

If this NOT work..... then figure out if the Problem is the Event OR if it is a Hardware issue.....

So for Testing use the "GPU" Event in the Switch you use for testing and still confirm it work for the Bat/OFF Swap...... Or use for testing a simple momentary Button and just check if the Event is send correctly and set the virtual Switch !

In easy words..... Find out if your Event is wrong or if your switch is simply broke for the upper position or you have a electrical issue in wirework !
Good Luck !
2021-12-03 00:08