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Hi all!!! im in the process of building a MCDU panel using this great tool MF :) but i got to the point where i need some insight out here, the panel has no less than 67 buttons + gnd ... here the Q
is there any way to use just one Mega Card, like a expansion or something or i must use 2 Megas?

Thanks a lot in advance

2021-11-23 03:09
From: ETSI, Germany
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At the Moment (Nov-2021) there is no way.... You need 2 Mega Boards.
In the future it looks like this will change, in case some contributers currently work on a "Multiplexer Support" ..... So THEN you can set e.g. 16 Buttons via a Multiplexer IC that need only a few Mega Pins.

Let me say.... We basically not planed for this.... We also not support those attempts for many years. Cause our policy was pretty easy. Megas are cheap. There is no disadvantage if you use 5, 10, 20 or 100 of them.
Also the "MCDU Problem" only looks so bad in case Sebastian include the Analog Pins 1-2 Years Ago.... Prior there was only 50 Pins Available for Buttons..... Means using 2 Megas was pretty normal. Now with 68 Devices the problem just "look" a little more bad . And also note there are Output LED on the CDU ..... So you will need finally already more then 69 devices at all!
BUT : Some users want this.... They do the work to build it.... If the result is good and there are no other disadvantages then Sebastian pretty sure include the new Feature in MF

If you like, then WAIT for the new features. Simply build another parts first.
Build it with 2 Megas for the moment...... But already "plan" for the Rework....
Set all LED outptus on Mega 1 and fill it with buttons until pins are out.
Then set the remaining Buttons to Mega 2.
If the new tool comes you remove some Buttons from Mega 1 to connect there the Multiplexer(s) and finally you set these Buttons and all from Mega 2 to the Multis.
At the end just 20 Min to adjust the MCC File for the new Devices.... And all is fine !
((Or as i expect.... Like most users will do. Let the 2 Megas and not think about it. Why invest time if the system also work already ))
Good Luck !
2021-11-23 08:46
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Thank you for your answer Pizman82 it was very helpfull, i managed to use just one card for all of the buttons and only one got left behind, (OVFY) 69 inputs in total, no output so far and ist working like a charm, even without backlighting hehehe.
Cant thankyou enough guys!!! excellent work

keep it up!!!
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2021-11-26 14:45