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Posts: 8
Dear all, it's been quite a few years since I rote my last line of code, therefore a bit of structured help would really help me jumpstart the project.

Interaction with the knobs on glass cocpits is by far the one residual problem when flying in VR, and the fact the default settings of controls in MSFS do not expose the knobs as assignable is frustrating at the very least.

It would be invaluable if you point me step by step to a standardized pathway

The conceptual flow would be, i think

1- intercepting the trigger on the joystick (care has to be put to not map the same button in MSFS native controls to avoid impredicatbale behaviour; later on to be tested for combined effect)

2- changing the variable that control the specific function in the simulation

Expanding on that as rearding step 1 it seemed straightforward, but still worth documenting, as the joystick now natively populate the input devices with the buttons already named

As regarding step 2 I whis to know how to proceed and why. It is my understanding that a folder containing among other fiels the list of all events has to go to the "community folder", what after.
In particular can you write here a case example (range knob on g3000) mapped to Z axis of a joystick from start to finisch. Thank in advance.
2021-11-15 10:16
Posts: 8
I take a few notes to share progress

Step 1- intercepting the trigger - apparently foolproof and super easy:
Create a new config file
Select in the input tab a free line, give a name, press the edit button, select in the input page the button you want to map

Step 2- Select in the On press tab the required action. The avionics knobs seem to be under Microsoft/Generic/Avionics, the G1000 actions are listed under the AS1000 tag, there is
specific value referring to the range knob with separate input for range increase and range decrease

Well you know what? It works.
Just like this.
At no cost.
No lines of code to write.
God bless you.
2021-11-15 11:58
Posts: 8
One more update, the G3000 action on the knob in the category of Microsoft Generic Avionics does not seem to engage the correct action, the required instruction is a folder named TBM 580/Avionics (a Typo or does it refer to something right I'm missing now?).
However, once correctly pointed, it works again flawlessly.
2021-11-15 13:55
Posts: 8
Despite inconsistencies in naming convention all range functions of all avionics (A32Nx as well) are easily accessible, whith the same technique.
As far as my test go all the instruction can be put in the same config file and run alltogether, this is not causing any unexpected interaction.
The EFIS panel of the A32Nx is especially comfy to put on the four sides of the hat switch, eradiating the need for getting to the mouse to change range and moving from arc to plan and viceversa
2021-11-16 12:59
Posts: 8
One hardware tool that is missing rioght now on the market is a console dedicated to VR simmers designed to be interacted in multiple planes with tactile feedback:
a set of engraved buttons and rotors for the autopilot functions, etc.

Maybe it's an old idea but I can't find anything alike on the web...
2021-11-16 13:21
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

About your Problems.....

The "Preset" List you see is a "living process" . On our Page "HubHop" many users share there experience.... they find out new Events and enter it to the list.
In case each single Aircraft can use a different Event for the same Thing it is splittet into multoiple aircraft names.....
Means it can happen that the needed Event is in a wrong section..... OR that your aircraft by circumstance work with the same event a other aircraft use.

With time goes by the HubHop Database growns bigger and bigger .... And in the future we will have hopefully for every single aircraft a own list with all functions.

NOTE: In case Fs2020 and all the Aircrafts are also still under development we have the additional Problem that Events can change over and over again.
Means the Event in your Mobiflight List may have worked some weeks ago but no longer work now.

I think this is gone in the future..... As more stable FS2020 be and as more users work on that database.... As more perfict its gonna be at the end.

About VR

Here you are not aloane.... But i think you guys are a "verry special" group of Persons here.

We have 3 Kind of users till now.
-PC Flyer ( No Hardware expect Joystick and Mouse) ..... Usage of 1-2 Screens Only.... Fly 99% in 3D Cockpit View

-HC Builders .... 100% Real Hardware.... Simply target.... no longer usa a Mouse.... Each system as a real Element. Using Screens or Beamer but just for the OUTSIDE View.
3D or 2D Cockpit is no longer in use..... So The Sim itself is just the View Outside.

- VR Guys..... Fly with VR but normaly use the Mouse to handle every single Function oin the VR too.

So you are a "new" Group.... Cause basically it make no sense to control a REAL Switch while you still "life" in a Virtual World ( Cause you can not see it anymore)
For sure.... the best solution would be a VR Gloves ......
In easy words..... You are in a Virtual World..... You have Virtual Switches in this world..... So you need a Virtual Hand to move them !
Good Luck !
2021-12-03 00:44
Posts: 4
Well, VR is dead expensive, together with VGA cards are in the 3.000€ I think not so many of us like the idea of haptic gloves (perhaps after the joystick, the VR gear, the top notch PC and the 3DOF simulator). So, speaking of myself I fly only in VR, but have built myself a cockpit with around 70 working buttons (more to come) and I still need a mouse. I tried Leap for hand simulation but it need line of sight to the hand - and that's not possible in a cramped cockpit.

With muscle memory you don't need to see the real cockpit, you know exactly where the button is. And "feeling" the button, stick, lever is way more immersive. So... VR *and* real cockpit go together well and we VR simmers still need Mobiflight a lot!
2021-12-20 18:39
Posts: 3
I have issues occasionaly. The mega clones are cheaply made and the fire wire port is very loose on both of my clones. Doesn't take much to lose the connection if you move it or accidently jiggle it.
2021-12-21 22:49