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Hi All
I have big questions about the motor to use with my project of STAB TRIM WHEELS.
I have read a lot of forum, without solve my problem.
I use:
P3D with B737NGX PMDG.
Ardino mega 2560

Stepper motor OFFSET: 0BC2
Size in Byte: 4

I tryed to use Nema 17 Stepper motor with controller L298N. Link:
but dosen't work.
after read a few topics I have tried with ULN2003 and stepper motor, 28BYJ-48, Link:
works, but the movement is really slow, I don't know were I can manage the speed of this motor, or if this motor can Drive the trim wheels.
I think is impossible to use Nema 17, with ULN2003, because the motor is 2 coils, and is high current used.
please help me to solve this problems.

Thanks Guys
2021-11-07 17:01