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From: Hamburg, Germany
Posts: 174
Hi folks,

maybe someone is interested in following thoughts.

For our cockpits we need some rotary encoders (each is 1,80€) and dpending on the plane also some coaxial dual encoders (which are about 15€!!! when buying)

So, i 3D-printed a thing which i found on Thingiverse which builds a gear box for two cheap single rotary encoders.
It's working like a charm....

Ok, so far so good.

But there are also controls (at least in an Airbus) where the inner knob is a rotary encoder and the outer knob, the ring, is a selector switch like shown here with the ALT control on the Autopilot

Therefore i took above mentioned design and redesigned it for one rotary encoder (on the inner knob) and a rocket switch for a 2 way selector.
Not yet ready with printing all parts, but the first parts are very promissing.
And i still haven't thought about how the desired function(s) could be implemented with MF. But as far as i know Sebastian, there will be a solution. ;-)

If there is more interest i will proceed, as there is in fact some finetuning to make on the 3D-design....

Furthermore i asked the original designer to change the design in that way to have one rotary encoder in the middle and one rotary switch (2 to 12 steps) on the outer knob.
2 to 12 steps is fine, if you take e.g. this one here, where you can limit the steps by setting a special block.
2021-10-13 23:07
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

Thanks for the "input"..... Whatever i will say this is not "new". You can buy the Dual Encoder Kit..... And also a Encoder/Switch Kombination with same logic on many cockpit Builder shops. And for sure there exist lots of CAD Files ( some for free, some for sale) to build this yourself ( 3DPrint or CNC/Laser solutions).

For info..... this system goes much more deeper in usage. For example you can also realize different resolutions..... For B777 e.g. you need some 45° Switches. But those are verry expensive. With a simple 1:1,5 Gear you can turn the Knob 45° but move the cheap switch only the needed 30°.
With same logic ( and a 3rd layer) you can build perfect "Tripple Encoders" ( B737 ADF Freq selectors) .... You can build "inner Buttons" like the EFIS Selectors ( B737/B777).
You can implement "springs" to build Hold Selectors instead of buy original ones for 50$+ .... Or the famous Push/Pull Switches for A320 AP Mode selectros !

In easy words.... Your idea is great.... But may you invest time for things that are still available for free.

EDIT: And for sure to awnser your question..... If the Inputs exist.... then you can do this with MF. For Mobiflight there is no difference if you use 2 encoders or a dual Encoder. Electrical all is the same !
Good Luck !
2021-10-14 19:48
From: Hamburg, Germany
Posts: 174
Really? Things like that do exists already? :( For a reasonable price?

Well....ok.....however. I made it on my own. Because i could. B)
2021-10-14 22:59