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Hey all,

I have a question (probably a stupid one),

Is there a way to save our mobiflight configuration ?

I have a small panel with some switches and led that works great, but i have to reinstall all my computer so when mobiflight will be reinstall too is there a way to import the previous config ?

I managed to save a .mfmc file but it seems it only contain module, when i import it, my input and output are empty

Thank you in advance
2021-10-13 15:20
From: ETSI, Germany
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:lol: For sure. You can !

Mobiflight got 2 kinds of SAVE Files.....

These are Backups of your Board Settings. So techical a copy of the used Code on the Mega Boards. For example it include the information that you create e.g. a button on Pin 7 and a LED on Pin 8.
Those files are not needed to work with Mobiflight! These are only exist to have a backup if your MEGA get broke..... So you not need to create all the "Devices" for new, and you can simply load this file and Upload that Information with one click to a new Mega in the future.


This is the File Typ you ask for !. This file include your CONFIG ! So e.g. the Output Config you create that include the needed Offset/Variable you like to show.... Or Input Configs you create for your Buttons e.g.
If you work with MF and you close it MF ask you, that there are changes on the current Config..... And if you like to SAVE it. And for sure you can also Save it by hand with the SAVE Button..... Or you can use "Save As" to create a new file too. ( Same like in a Text Editor or any other Programm)

About last question with "Re-Install"
Same like with a Text Programm..... If you Reinstall it then your Files ( *.doc e.g) are still on your Computer..... So just get sure you save the files in a Folder you not delete while your reinstall...... Or Backup them before you delete your computer on a USB Disc or on a other Harddrive.
Good Luck !
2021-10-13 16:17