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I was trying to implement a rotary encoder to control the Elevator Trim for the JU-52. I used FSUIC Event-Ids ELEV-TRIM-UP and ELEV-TRIM-DN and it worked. However I also wanted to show the current value in an LCD. For that purpose I used the preset Controls-Elevator Trim, which returned a float value as follow:

-1º = 0.0000
0º = 0.0130
+1º = 0.0260

And so on...

I applied some transformations to show the value in degrees ($*10000)/130-1 but I couldn't obtain a float number in my display (I used "ELEV-TRIM $$$"). Am I doing anything wrong? Is it possible to display what I want?

Bonus question: In the JU-52 the same wheel is used for trim and flaps, by using a lever which alternates those functions. Can I reproduce such a system in Mobiflight? (i.e. change the behaviour of a rotary encoder depending on the position of a switch)

I wouldn't mind using LUAs
2021-10-12 12:13