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Hello All:

First - thanks for Mobiflight and all your work maintaining and expanding the firmware.

I am using potentiometers for a Cessna 172 Flap Position Lever - 4 positions ( Up, 10 deg, 20 deg. and 30 deg).
Also - I am using a potentiometer for the Cessna engine key start - 5 positions (OFF - Right - Left - Both - Start).

Can I use the new analog feature for this application? Is there an analog preset for these?
The analog pot example should on line appears to be for a potentiometer used through a full range - for something
like a throttle for instance. But is there a way to capture specific settings - as in a four or five position lever or switch?

Appreciate any help you can give to help me configure this with Mobiflight. :)

Best Regards,

2021-10-03 20:19
From: ETSI, Germany
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Basically the most common logic is to use the system that is also used in the Sim !

Whatever Flaps Lever, Gear Selector or starting switch are "Multi Position SWITCHES" ..... Not Potentiometers!
A Poti is used to have a stepples 0-100% Value..... A System with 5 Positions is logical build by a switch also with 5 Positions in most easy way !
So our Poti Support is specialy implement e.g. to controll virtual Systems that are done also with a "virtual Poti" .... Like Dim Selectors, Volume adjustment, Temp Selectors and so on.

Whatever..... For sure it is possible..... But there exist no Preset ( and will not exist in the future pretty sure) in case this is very special and not used by most of the people!

The Potis give a Input Value from 0-1024 ! ( Deadzones in the edges can exist..... So every Poti is different. May it goes from 5-1019 or from 15 to 1011 or so. )

So you can use a formula to define "Areas" .....
E.g. for Flaps Gauge as you requested you got 4 Positions.
0-1024 means 1024 Range..... Splitted in 4 Areas means 1024/4=256 .
So Area A: 0-256 .... Area B : 257-512 ... Area C: 513-768 ..... Area D 769 - 1024

Lets say you would write a Offset to 0,1,2,3, ......
You use formula : if(@<257,0,if(@<513,1,if(@<769,2,3)))

Other example: Offset request a Value from 0-16383 for the Flaps Setting ( 0=Up .... 16383 = Full Down)
Here we could use a "Multiply" ...... 16383/1024 = ~~16 ...... So Formula @*16 change our Poti Value form 0-1024 into roundabout 0-16383
Means it now work steppless directly.

In easy words..... The Poti give a Value 0-1024 ..... And you must use a formula to create a Output Value ( That is executed to the sim) in a way you need it !
Good Luck !
2021-10-05 14:25