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I am a Chinese player. I use Microsoft simulation flight 2020. When I know this Mobi flight, I have the idea of DIY control panel. But I don't understand English, firmware or computer code. I bought the switches and customized shells I needed, and hired others to weld all the lines for me. However, we face a common problem. He doesn't understand English. Many professional words are abbreviations, and the translator can't translate the text normally.

Now, Mobi flight can recognize the firmware, but I don't know how to make them work. I hope to get help.
2021-09-03 10:44
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I've seen the tutorial video. I defined and set the switch according to the tutorial, but the switch can't be recognized by the game. The game only recognized my rocker and throttle, mouse and keyboard. Did not recognize my DIY control panel.
2021-09-03 10:48
From: ETSI, Germany
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I´m Sorry.
We have no Chineese or Japany Version. Without English its gonna be hard !

(NOTE to Stephan and Sebastian .... We should implement this ! )

I recommend.... Watch Videos ! ..... There you may see the needed Information

Important is the "logging" Tool. Here you can see if a Input Action is detected or not. Then you know if you got a electrical or a Sim/Software Problem !
Check Youtube.... And search for "Mobiflight"
Good Luck !
2021-09-08 20:14