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Posts: 8
hi all, currently building some radio interfaces using dual encoders. I have everything up and running but having issues with the new spacing.
im using the FSUPIC offset, Radio -com freq with the set value if($>1800,if($%5==0,$-3,$-2),3697) so i have the 25khz spacing. I got this info off one of the forums and not 100% how the coding works.

is there a set value to change the spacing to the 8.33khz?

my idea was to have com1 on 25khz spacing and com2 on 8.33khz spacing.

I have read a few posts but in all honesty i get lost in the way its explained. Im not interested in displaying the frequencies just mainly being able to tune without using the mouse.

Many thanks Alex
2021-08-14 19:19
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

Use the new FS2020 Events via our WASM tool.

I´m not sure if Pete Dowson still include the 8,33 System in FSUIPC..... Whatever it is a unneeded bypass.

In easy words.... Its no longer needed to write a offset here..... Simply send to the sim " Please turn the virtual Encoder 1 Step to left/right" instead of calculate something like "$+x"
Good Luck !
2021-08-18 12:49