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Hello all,

im using mobiflight 8.2.0 and ProSim 2.31 (all latest versions, but i tried Mobi 7.8 and 7.9 also...same result) ,
Prosim has connection with FSUIPC and secondary SimConnect flight Sim X
When i connect a 7 segments display all is wel, when i run test in Mobiflight i got the digits i want, so the connection is OK.
But at the botom i get errors ->SimConnectCache::Exception NAME_UNRECOGNIZED
when i want to test it in Prosim and i change the numbers.....i got nothing
(i programmed Prosim and Mobiflight correctly same offset and i use the correct parameters)

in Mobiflight the modules are green , FSUIPC is green and SimConnect (MFS2020) is green, bu like i said..i dont use MS2020...i use FSX (for now)

can somebody help me?? im stuck !!!!

thenks in advance
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2021-07-22 19:48