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From: Torre del Mar / Malaga / Andalucia, Spain
Posts: 23
Hello everyone, I am
one of the lucky volunteers, in the aeronautical museum of Malaga, in which we are carrying out a project for those aviation enthusiasts who want to fly a cessna 172, they can do it, but we need a lot of help, since the whole project is with limited resources and the donation by museum visitors, (which is free to access), and we would like to know, if we can count on the collaboration, of people who want to contribute, help for the configuration of all the analog instruments that we have already developed in
Since many of the collaborators and volunteers are not very used to mobiflight and how to program the instruments,
The collaboration of those who want to give their contribution of knowledge would be of great help, and above all to thank them in advance
a greeting
Juan Antonio:thumbup:

I'm a big fan of flight simulation, and I like to learn as well as spread my knowledge with whoever needs them.
2021-07-07 14:30
From: EDDG, Germany
Posts: 1867
Hi Juan Antonio,

here you are right.I'm sure a lot of users are able to help. Faster results are possible if you meet these users on discord (look above). Here you can private chat with them and you can share your screen so that issues are eleminated quickly.

If you see DocMoebiusz, pizman, me or other users online, talk to us and we try to help you and your mates.
Stephan (Time: UTC+2)
2021-07-07 16:51