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Hey... I think I have suggested that before,any chance to make Mobiflight compatible with HD44780 lcd display? It is very popular in the arduino community and may be add a support for Nokia 5110 lcd display too... Those will be great for display info.

2015-06-12 10:19
From: NW of KPWK, United States
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I am also thinking about having a LCD support. It should be possible to get something general into MobiFlight.
First I need to buy a LCD though :-) and in terms of priority it would be after stepper support.

I hope that you still can use already MobiFlight somehow and that you are patient enough until then.
Have a great day!

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2015-06-13 23:00
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I will be patient. Mobiflight is great... Waiting for my Max7219 7 segment display to arrive at the mailbox ;)
2015-06-14 08:25
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There is an alternative if you are inpatient.

If you have another Arduino card, you can program it with Lin2FS and connect it to LCDs. I connected two LCDs and used it for autopilot display just for fun. I can pass you the code/program if you decided to pursue.
2015-08-25 04:08
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ewerybody NOT use hd47780 display because we live at 2016 and have i2c LCD who working i2c line (same than max 7219 chip) need only 2 wire adding to LCD + power +,-,why use old parts then have better lcd today ? i think lcd can use if can use max 7219 7-segment too.same procedure have,i2c have best today world uses lcd.old time 1940 use only old techic lcd :D today have better technic than 50 year before :D
2016-05-03 11:22