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Posts: 11
i have 4 encoders 3 of them worked with fsuipc apart from the heading which stopped at -180
+180 i was advised to use the msfs 2020 events but now none of them work i have tried the asobo a 320 and the flybywirw a320 am i doind something wrong
2021-05-26 00:21
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
I wondering, why you open a new topic.... You could ask this follow question also there !

Maybe the problem is, you not understand the basic logic here.

There exist no "magic" Event ( Input) or a Offset/Simconnect Offset that is working garantee all over the world !
Technical every single Aircraft will use a list of Events and Offsets to share it´s data. The Stock Aircrafts (those who was delivered with the Sim) mostly use all the same Data. But also here there can be exceptions !
So e.g. it can happen that a Input like "AP Altitude Increase" work fine for 9 of 10 FS2020 Aircrafts but simply not for the tenth.
Otherwise the tenth Aircraft maybe use here a Event that not work for the first 5 Aircrafts..... But the Other 4 Aircrafts work with "both" Events same time.

More difficult are AddOns. Those mostly use a own range with other Inputs and other Outputs as the standard Stuff.
Also we can say some systems ( like Radio) was often share in the past.... So lots of AddOns use the Standard ways here..... Other systems like AP was mostly individual for each AddOn.

We work on the list to prevent the user from that work.... But like in the past, this list will never be finished. Every new Aircraft that come into the Sim is like a empty page!
Only if somebody find out a new Element and share it to the comunity then it get into the list. If something is missing you simply need to tryout the other simmular Events on the List..... If lucky one of them work. If unlucky the last way is to simply find out the needed Event yourself. ( How to do is explaned in the videos i linked you)

Whatever..... Important is. There is a way to do this. So most of the Data is available.... You just need maybe a little more workaround to get them !

Finally ..... I recommend to stop swaping at first..... Choos for ONE Aircraft you like to test.... Set your 4 Encoders and find out the right Events so they work.
THEN you can save the Config and swap the aircraft..... If all Encoders work for the other Aircraft your fine..... If only 1 is working then you simply know you need to rework the other 3 and try other events for them..... By doing this you simply build a single Config for each Aircraft you like to use !
Good Luck !
2021-05-26 05:14