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Hallo, sorry for my bad english. Is it possible to buy 3 or 5 digits LED 7 segment display with max 7219 driver? I cant see any at Aliexpress and other internet sellers. I see only 4 or 8 digits. Or need i just buy LED segments, driver and make it? Thank you!
2021-05-22 21:39
From: ETSI, Germany
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3,5 and 6 are pretty rare. I not know sources for this !
As you still expect.... Normaly we build these ourself.

There are lots of ways.... verry professional with PCB´s or pretty cheap with wirework.

Whatever.... Most people work with the MAX Tubes ( with removeable diggits)
Like This...

There you can remove the 2x4 Blocks and you got then 12 Empty Pins on each side ( 8 Seg+4Cathode)
You can easy wire your custom 3 Diggit Displays there.... Or you can wire 5,6,7,8 Displays by use One side Segments and Cathodes from both Side !

In easy words.... Buy the Display of your choice ( Common Cathode!!!!!) and wire it to the empty tubes....
Build/buy PCB´s to setup Displays of your choice ( e.g. also Single Diggits in a row) and include Max IC´s or wire them with connectors to empty Max Tubes !
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Good Luck !
2021-05-23 01:19
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I found a 5 Digit 7Segment Display on E-Bay
2021-05-23 13:43