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I have a question.

I´ve buid a mini Flight Panel just for convinience while Flying, So i dont have to grab the mouse all the time.
I have a view encoders on it and want to use two of them to control the AP Altitude and by Clicking activate FLC mode, and another one for VS value and to toggle VS mode.
I read many sites and they say its currently read only. I got the offset for FLC (0x0B49) and drive the Status LED with it. I dont found a Offset for the VS mode? Any ideas?
And is it possible to set a keybinding in MFS20 and mobiflight send that keypress? I tried it but it seems not to work.
I run both as administrator and in Notepad i got the desired Key but the sim doesnd do it.
when i press the key on the keyboard it works.
Any Ideas?

And one last question.
I have 6 Leds for the landing Gear. 3x Green 3x Red.
I got it working so when the Gear is fully down its Green and when in Travel its Red.
But i cant get it to work o that the Red LEDS extinguish when the gear is fully retrakted.
For green i use 0x0BEC with <16380 =0 else 1
For Red 0x0BEC with >16380 =0 else 1
Can i set the value so its 0 when its 0 to ?

Thank you.
2021-05-10 23:56
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Hi ... Sorry for late reply!

Many Questions.... Lets split them up.

1. KEY Emulation.
As you still find out.... NOT POSSIBLE !
MF can send KEYS to Notepad, To all Simulators we used in the past ( FSX, P3D, P3dv5, Xplane, FS9, FS8 ) and to all Games i try ( Farming Simulater Truck Simulator DOOM and so on) Just FS2020 decide to use a different Logic we are not compatible! Thanks to Assobo for this genious Idea ! :cry:
Only solution A.t.m is using VJOY to emulate Joy Buttons..... But as i explane later.... this is not really needed anymore!

2. Inputs:
Forget OFFSET This is a relict of the past and should only used as last way if nothing else work ( And by the way most Offsets itself not work in FS2020 in case FSUIPC not support writes here)
Also "Stock Events" from FSUIPC are problematic. We use them in P3D in a good way.... But in FS2020 most not already work !

So perfect way is our new tool " FS2020 Simconnect Events via WASM Tool" ...... Please check our Discord Channels and the MF Release Videos. All is explaned there.
(Or ask here again if you need further help)
In easy words.... Here we make inputs directly within the Sim.... Its still in building progress but most of the stuff is possible.... A lot is still in a dropdown. If something is missung you can add it by hand !

3. Gear LED
Here you use simply a wrong Formula !

For Red 0x0BEC with >16380 =0 else 1

You say,,,, All greater then 16380 should be "0" ..... Everything else should be "1" .
So sure.... the Original "0" is less then "16380" So it is "ELSE" and is also set to "1"

Solutoion: Simply say in ELSE Filed "$" instead of "1" (Or let it empty, then it automaticly use $ )

This means..... IF Value is greater 16380 ...THEN Write "0" ELSE Show current Value !
- If Current Value is "0" ( Gear UP) it show "0" and LED is OFF.
- If Current Value is Between 1-16380 it show the current Value ...... A LED will light always if the value is 1 or more.
- IF Current Value is 16381 or more then the THEN Option is called and it show "0" for now..... So LED is OFF Again !
Good Luck !
2021-05-14 18:07